Simulacrum I (35mm)

Years ago, in the midst of trying to organize my desk and work tables, my studio manager began making piles of the Polaroids, notes and unopened mail I had strewn about. She thought I could benefit from having all these things filed neatly in to an accordion folder. She was trying to help me and maybe teach me a thing or two about structure.

But it was her structure, not mine, and I wasn't keen to it.
I remember all this like it was yesterday because she used the studio label maker to begin titling the tabs of the folder. She naturally began the task by making the exterior label for the folder. In all caps it read: SIMULACRUM (VS)

That evening after everyone had left for the day, I looked up the meaning of the word, and I never moved a single note, Polaroid or piece of unopened mail from that accordion folder again.