There are only two types of stories that matter - the kind of story you can share with someone and the kind that you cannot.

These films are self-referential. I can't say with any certainty that they represent all of who I am today, but they are indeed self-portraits. And according to that fact they represent at least some part of the person I inherently will always be. There is no crew present during the production of these films; they are by-the-book self-portraits. Technically speaking, this is important to my process. In the role of cinematographer I can manipulate the context of imagery. As the director I'm able to manipulate the actor, and as the actor I manipulate the performance. There's nothing esoteric about this, it's fairly straightforward.

We all have questions about how others perceive us. What I find most intriguing about the process of creating these self-portraits is my ability to alter or influence the viewers perspective [of me] and challenge the boundaries of convention relating to social norms.

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